Magic mushroom is not a new kind of magic mushroom, with over 200 species of it growing wildly in Mexico, South America, and some parts of North America. Its use was initially attributed to the spiritualists of the old, as the mushroom was said to aid them in spiritual trips. Trust human beings, once its use was discovered, it is now used by everyone. To even aid its availability, you can even grow the mushroom in your apartment, giving you unlimited access to the mushroom. For a basic user, the magic mushroom is consumed to gain that hallucination, or as people call it ‘high’. Considered a safe drug, the mushroom is sold to those that want it. 

In recent years, researches carried out on the mushroom has shed more light on the various potential benefits it has to human health. Magic mushroom is fungi that contain psilocybin and is considered to be among some of the most popular psychedelics. Initially, it was tagged a schedule I drug which means it has no use for medical treatment, and there is potential for its misuse. However, with the new clinical tests that are done on the drug, the argument that if they have any health benefit is becoming huge in the medical field. For those medical experts that have to believe that magic mushroom ha benefits to the health, they made it known that the fungi can be used to treat depression, and manage addictions. In addition to that, further research has shown that magic mushrooms can be used to treat certain psychological disorders and behaviours. 

There are also claims that magic mushroom – psilocybin is capable in helping people recover from smoking and alcohol addiction, depression, cocaine addiction, migraines, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and psychological distress. These are all discovered based on research, which now tells us that magic mushroom has potentials to be useful in the medical field. As a result of this debate on whether a magic mushroom is good or not, some countries have in place strict laws that restrict the drug. This makes it hard to cultivate, transport, sell and even consume the drug in countries like that. 

Legal issues of Mushroom

Magic mushroom is the most popular natural psychedelic out in the world. Its availability in the wild and it is tagged as a schedule I drug makes it hard to come by in some countries. While countries like Jamaica, Samoa, Brazil, and the Netherlands makes it legal to possess magic mushroom. Spain, Portugal, Czech, are among some of the nations that somewhat allows magic mushroom. Somewhat in the sense that there are rules that still guide the usage and possession of the drug. Australia, Japan, Bahamas, Laos, are among some of the many countries that find psilocybin illegal. So since this is how it is, some countries have access to it, how do countries that do not get them? 

For those countries that mushrooms are legal, they have psychedelic and spiritual stores that sell them to those that want to buy. And for some, they have the local dealer that supplies them. I am sure when the mushroom was discovered, no one thought it would be sold like a prescribed pill or something. And even with people having easy access to it, some still would prefer to buy online. We are not saying that there are no reputable stores that sell high-quality mushrooms online, but buying something like that online is risky. 

Is it good to buy magic mushroom from Facebook Ads?

You must have come across magic mushroom ads on Facebook.

There is something about all these Facebook ads that tend to draw people to them. Facebook is a huge platform that has millions of people logging in daily. And as a platform that supports business, many of them tend to reach a larger audience by just promoting a single picture online. For those in charge, they look for enticing phrases that will make a user want to click on the ad. Some might even read “I can now concentrate at work, thanks to a plant” or “I no longer get my migraines after 10 years.”

Magic mushroom is gaining ground and is becoming the best alternative for treating mental disorders. However, getting mushrooms for any unreliable source is not a smart move. What are the risks involved? The whole world is now stuck at home as a result of the quarantine, so does this make it the best time to experiment taking the psychedelic?

Remember magic mushroom is legal in Jamaica? A biologist from Jamaica made it known that he won’t recommend buying a controlled substance like a mushroom on Facebook. He added that people should always get whatever they plan to put in their body from sources that they trust. Not all sellers meet up to the criteria, even though mushroom is safe, they can still get contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and moulds if they are poorly harvested, stored, processed, or handled. So this is not something you should want to try, especially with how the world is right now. 

This piece of advice is not only for those that are in search of mushrooms but for everyone. Health workers are being used to fight this coronavirus, and it won’t be nice to have your cases added because of your lack of knowledge.

Munching on mushrooms especially for first-timer will give you a trip – hallucinations that make you feel like you are in a world greater than the current one. If peradventure you experience a bad trip, this won’t kill, but it might lead to having a trip to the hospital. Like I have stated earlier, the mushroom is a safe drug so far you are taking it at the normal dosage, and in a good environment. Risks are attached to buying mushrooms from just a pop-up ad online, you can either get what you ordered for, or not, or probably get your order but which has already been tampered with. So if you are so eager to want to try psilocybin, do not buy the mushroom without having proper knowledge of where it is from. It might even be better for you to lose your money than ingest what you do not know. 

There are continuous study and research that will confirm if magic mushroom has potential benefits to human health or not. Just like it was with weed, numerous studies have to be done before it can be made official that magic mushrooms should be added to the list of legal medical plants. There is nothing wrong with taking mushroom, because it is good for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression – but you have to ensure you get it from a source you trust dearly. If you are a first-timer, be sure you have someone around you when taking it. 

So there it is, the magic mushroom is that drug that is good for pain and mental disorder. Even though it is safe, there are a series of warnings that come with the kind of mushroom you ingest, and where you get it from. Do not delay any further, visit our shops today for the best quality and highly research magic mushrooms.  

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